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Type : Public, Cultural

Design Period : 2014.09 ~ 2014.10

Site : Sinsa-dong, Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul

Site Area : 1,200 m2

Building Area : 571 m2

Building-to-Land Ratio: 47.5% (Max 60%)

Total Floor Area : 1,710 m2 / B1 - 3F

Floor Area Ratio : 142.5% (Max. 150%) 

Building Scope : B1 - 3F

Building Height : 14M

Structure : SRC 

Exterior Finish : Red Cedar , Low--e Glass 

Situated at the edge of a hill that separates the residential area from the park above, the Sinsa Public Library (Library Trail) is a trail-like building that bridges the two segregated areas nearby.Its unique circulation system and multi-purpose programs promote education, opportunity, and community within a warm and welcoming environment. Sinsa Public Library is an idiosyncratic building that is capable of accepting change and diversity.

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